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Paigo is a unified platform for running usage-based business operations. Paigo covers these key feature areas:
  • Usage-based Billing
  • Usage-based Pricing
  • Usage-based Cost
  • Usage-based Analytics
  • Usage-based Cloud Integration
Paigo unlocks revenue and growth by providing full set of tools to align business operations, such as Sales, Product, Finance, Accounting, Engineering, with the critical usage-based models.
If you are looking for a 5 min quick read to understand what Paigo does and how we do it, 5 Minute Product Overview will be helpful.
If you want to deep dive into the product and navigate in this documentation site, start with Getting Started with Paigo guide.
If you are looking for guide to measure and collect usage data, start with Measure Usage and Collect Data

API Reference

To use Paigo API, visit API Docs.