Sandbox is a safe and isolated environment to explore the platform, develop integrations or run tests. This chapter describes how to use Paigo sandbox.

Sandbox vs Production

Sandbox is different from production environment in the following ways:

  • Everything in sandbox is completely isolated from production environment, including business data and settings. Therefore, enabling external integrations in sandbox doesn't automatically enable integrations in your production environment.

  • The sandbox environment is shared for the same organization, but enabling sandbox mode is a per-user setting. For example, user A in the company turns on sandbox mode (by API or in dashboard) won't impact user B, who uses production environment in Paigo dashboard or programming against Paigo API. However, user A and user B share the same sandbox environment when both of them turn it on.

  • The API credentials to access sandbox environment are different from API credentials to access production environment.

  • In sandbox mode, the payment is in sandbox. All payments are simulated using Stripe Test Mode. No real banking or credit card transactions will happen.

  • In sandbox mode, the tax integration is in sandbox. All sales tax calculations are simulated using TaxJar sandbox mode. Sales tax nexus or compliance is not maintained in sandbox mode.

  • In sandbox mode, any invoice, processed revenue, or charges against SaaS customers are not counted toward Paigo's metered usage.

  • Sandbox environment runs in a multi-tenant architecture. It is used for development purpose only.

Enabling Sandbox Mode

Sandbox mode can be enabled in Paigo dashboard by toggling the Sandbox Mode button in the left navigation pane. Sandbox mode is turned off by default whenever a User refreshes or logs in. See the screenshot below for an example.

Sandbox mode can also be used with Paigo API. Each set of API key is uniquely bound with an environment, and keys are not shared across environment. Therefore, use the API keys to the sandbox environment to develop against sandbox mode.

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