Pricing Plan and Sale Deals

For introductory overview of Offering, see Key Concepts.

Public Offering and Private Offering

Paigo supports Public Offering and Private Offering. Public Offering is the pricing plan designed to be shared among different customers, as the name indicates. Private Offering is the pricing plan designed to contain additional offering terms specific to some customers or sales deals. Private Offering has all features that Public Offering has.
These properties are required for Offerings.
  • Offering Name Display name of Offering. It shows up in dashboard, returned by API, and appear on SaaS customer invoice.
  • Offering Type Model of Offering. Paigo supports Subscription Tier and Usage-based Plan. See more details below.
  • Subscription Price Required for Subscription Tier. The fixed price SaaS customers pay upfront for the subscription tier.
These properties are optional for Private Offerings.
  • Prepaid Credit Upfront payment made to SaaS business from SaaS customer.

Offering Type

Paigo supports Subscription Tier and Usage-based Plan.
Subscription Tier charges customer a fixed Subscription Price per billing cycle upfront. A Subscription Tier may contain Define Product Metrics as usage entitlements, which could also allow overage usage and additional charges.
Usage-based Plan is a pay-as-you-go plan. There is no upfront payment necessary. The end-of-cycle bill is be calculated dynamically based on the aggregated usage and the pricing specified in Offering. Usage-based Plan must contain Define Product Metrics.