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Paigo is a modern billing platform to 100% automate SaaS billing for any pricing model, any business stage and any GTM strategy. From quote to cash cycle, Paigo has made every single step in billing operations intelligent and automated without human intervention.:
  • Pricing: Manage pricing plans for self-serve SaaS or Enterprise SaaS. Test and launch pricings with iterations managed by Paigo.
  • Billing: Bill customers from onboarding to offboarding with deep integrations with products.
  • Metering: Usage metering that is scalable, real-time, and reliable from every layer of your stack.
  • Invoicing: Fully tax-compliant invoice with detailed itemized breakdowns provide 100% visibility to your customers.
  • Payment: Seamless payment integrations covers multiple currencies. Revenue recovery already built-in with payment process.
  • Analytics: Explore analytics on revenue and product metrics with visualization and analytics code.
Paigo streamlines the process across engineering, product, finance, operations, sales and growth, and provide insights for revenue growth.

Feature Overview

Pricing - Customizable billing OS for any pricing model

Paigo implements building blocks for modeling pricing, so that SaaS business can define, test, and iterate on friction-free pricing strategies. Paigo supports an enormously large amount of pricing models, thanks to the underlying architecture design for flexibility. Below are just a few sample pricing models:
  • Pricing plans with product metric limits
  • Feature flags and gates
  • Free trial, free credits or free usage amount
  • Prepaid credits
  • Usage-based pricing
  • Recurring subscription
  • Custom currency unit
  • Tiered prices
  • Overage
  • Minimum charge
  • Commitment
  • Customized sales contract

Metering - Scalable usage metering from every layer of your stack

Ready to scale up to 1000x your product usage with Paigo's usage metering infrastructure for real-time, performant and accurate tracking.

Billing stack - Spin up SaaS monetization in 3 minutes with no-code billing stack

Set up an entire end-to-end billing stack in exactly 3 minutes (we tested!) without writing a single line of code. Customize with your logo, brand color and preference.

Analytics - Extract insights from billing & usage analytics without data team

  • Query billing & usage data: Query data in revenue, billing, pricing or usage with intuitive query builder or SQL query directly.
  • Stream usage data in realtime: Stream usage data metered into dashboard in real-time.
  • Run analytics lambda code: Run interactive code or upload JavaScript code snippets to perform analytics on queried data.
  • Visualize and report: Visualize data with interactive diagrams or exported reports.
If you want to deep dive into the product and navigate in this documentation site, start with Getting Started with Paigo guide.
If you are looking for guide to measure and collect usage data, start with Usage Metering

API Reference

To use Paigo API, visit API Docs.